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Who are the contributors?

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Why did we make this blog?

We see a great deal of silencing unpopular opinions in the mainstream, and we intend to fight back with some good old free speech. We encourage readers to comment on pieces and share their opinions and perspectives in a respectful way. Open dialogue is critical to learning, and challenging your beliefs is the best way to grow.


Whenever we include data or quotes, we will link to their original sources. Links to those sources does not indicate any affiliations. We strongly believe that our content must always adhere to the truth, therefore should any information be found false, we ask that you contact us with corrections.


All opinions expressed by the writers are simply that, opinions. Although we will never tolerate the purposeful spreading of misinformation, we understand that the nature of opinion based writing may contain subjective information. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to discern what information is subjective and what is objective. The Brain Cells and it’s parent company Noble Webs are not liable for any relating injuries that may occur when reading our blog entries/articles or comments written by the contributors or the public.

Policies on Obscenities

We are happy to have controversial conversations and opposing comments on our articles, but obscene language or images and spamming will not be tolerated. They may result in comment removal, and/or account banning. If you disagree with a comment being removed or an account being banned, contact our support team at support@noblewebs.com.